wax seal giveaway: 3 winners!

wax seal giveaway: 3 winners! from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com
Gah! I’m SO excited! Today I’m doing a repeat of one of afl’s most popular giveaways EVER! The occasion? Lingke, the owner of backtozero recently moved her shop away from etsy, and is now selling products on her very own website! The new site looks great, and I’m personally really inspired by how successful this business has become, practically overnight.

For those of you who weren’t around when we did the last giveaway, backtozero creates a huge variety of wax seal stamps to be used for just about anything you can dream up. Their wax seals make such a lovely addition to product packaging, valentines and wedding invitations. They’re even been featured in Southern Weddings and on the Real Simple website! One of my favorite back to zero offerings has to be the custom wax seal. If you’ve met me in person lately and I handed you a business card…yes, this is where I purchased my custom seal! Click through to enter!

wax seal giveaway: 3 winners! from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com wax seal giveaway: 3 winners! from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

There are a few things about this giveaway that make it particularly awesome. We’re giving away not one but THREE wax seal stamps! Each winner will be able to choose a design from the backtozero shop or submit their own custom design. They’ll also receive sealing wax in their choice of color, and the giveaway is open worldwide! Use the widget below to enter, and remember, more entrees equal more chances to win. Some of the entrees are daily ones, so check back often to add to your chances! Good luck!

Back to Zero Wax Seal Giveaway

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32 thoughts on “wax seal giveaway: 3 winners!

  1. Hannah Joy

    These are gorgeous! I love the double initial monogram seal. That’s probably what I would go with. That peony one though…. it’s calling my name….

  2. Chickadee

    I love Back to Zero’s seals, so it’s hard to pick just one that’s my favorite! I think if I had to pick one, I’d pick the bee wreath one. I love bees and the wreath around it gives it an elegant touch.

  3. Casi Selph

    I LOVE all of the gorgeous stamps, I would want a custom stamp with Selph & Co. on it or either a pretty S in some kind of pretty frame!

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