thoughts and goals for 2015

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Hey guys. I found this quote online in the past week or so, and it has really stuck with me. While I definitely don’t work 80 hour weeks, I feel like in the past year I’ve really developed the drive and work ethic of a small business owner. This idea of working twice as hard just to be working for yourself really makes sense to me.

Now, I’m comfortable with the lack of consistent paychecks, and the necessity of sometimes working late nights and weekends. It’s all worth it in exchange for a schedule that allows me to pick my daughter up from school 4 days a week, and make my own decisions as far as the design projects I choose, the new turns my business may take (ahem: creative workshops, like the callig class next month), and all sorts of other new adventured in 2015. What I’m trying to tell you is that I’m happy and comfortable with where I am am, and excited about what’s to come this year.

My goals for 2014 were very general way-of-doing-things types of goals. This year is different. These aren’t really goals so much as , sh*t that just needs to get done. I’m posting them here here, in stone, for my own accountability.

• Make minor modifications to the cleanline studio logo, and then do away with a fine line once and for all. I’ve struggle for a while trying to decide how to clarify my blog a fine line and my boutique design studio, cleanline studio. I think I just need to rip off the band aid and use cleanline studio for everything I do. I will change the logo at the top of this blog, as well as all of my social accounts.

• Create a proper brand guide for cleanline studio. It’s ridiculous really that such a thing doesn’t already exist. This is something that I ALWAYS provide for my branding clients, yet I haven’t done it for myself and my own personal brand. This will include fonts, color swatches, appropriate logo uses, sub marks or logo alternates, and acceptable graphic options to be used on the blog. The goal here is absolute consistency and professionalism.

•Open my stationery shop! This is another one I feel a bit silly about. If you visit the “shop” page in my menu, it still says coming very very soon. That was posted back in April. I had a major change of heart of the things that I’d created for the shop, and how relevant they are/were to what interests me now. I’ll be revisiting this work soon and hopefully making the shop live by the end of March.

• Make a habit of sharing design work and updating my portfolio as projects come to close. All too often I’ll finish portfolio-worthy work, and then forget to do anything with it. I know, it’s a sin and I’m working on it!

• Design a media kit for the blog. As I begin to talk with brands more and more, a media kit of press kit is just something I’ll need to come across as the professional blogger I am/aspire to be. Another part of the media kit will be collecting testimonials from readers, and past brand partners. If you’d like to be really proactive and help me out with a testimonial, please feel to email me at, and a HUGE thank you in advance!

• Get an LLC. It’s just plain time. I’ve been in business for 3 years and I just need to do this, to protect myself and my family. It’s not one of the bullets I feel excited about, but I’ll be glad to have it done!

So that’s it, my list of must dos for 2015, in approximate order or priority! If you want to share your to do list for accountability, please do so in the comments section…we can keep each other honest and moving forward this year!

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8 thoughts on “thoughts and goals for 2015

  1. Kelsea Echo

    Great list! My biggest to-do for the year (for my business, anyway) is to work out an effective work schedule. I just launched last year and haven’t been able to figure out a consistent schedule that works for me and my business/blog quite yet. 🙂

    <3 Kelsea

    1. Sarah Post author

      Kelsey, I completely understand! Being your own boss can be your best friend and worst enemy. I think they key to productivity when you’re self employed is to get in a routine that works well for you. I start every work day by using an iphone app called tasky to plan my to do list. I usually put together my list while I’m still laying in bed in the morning, organized by priority order. I also keep an editorial calendar for my blog, and have a separate list of potential things to work on when I don’t have a looming client deadline. Basically a lot of lists, lol. I’ve also realized in the past year that my expectations for what I can get done in a single day was often unreasonable. As soon as I paired back my list a bit, iI was able to celebrate my progress in a day.

  2. Melissa

    Yes, great goals Sarah! And congrats on ripping the bandaid and doing what you feel is right for your brand/blog. Can’t wait to see your updates/changes (even though everything rocks here already)!


  3. Ashley

    I love this one in particular:

    “• Make minor modifications to the cleanline studio logo, and then do away with a fine line once and for all. I’ve struggle for a while trying to decide how to clarify my blog a fine line and my boutique design studio, cleanline studio. I think I just need to rip off the band aid and use cleanline studio for everything I do. I will change the logo at the top of this blog, as well as all of my social accounts.”

    I assume you’ve gone through with this, as I’m now on I’m just wondering, how did this go for you?

    I’m currently struggling to decide if I want to do this. I have a very established blog that was created completely separate from my design/dev business. So I have that blog, then a website with my services, portfolio, and shop. But I keep wondering if I’m hurting myself by trying to maintain these two sites/brands. Maybe being all under one roof would be better..

    But I’d probably do it the opposite of you and move everything under or .

    It just feels like such a monumental thing and I’m not sure if it’s the best move, you know?

    So just wondering if you had any thoughts/insight or how the process went for you. 🙂 Are you glad you did it?

    1. Sarah Post author

      I totally understand! I’m actually not quite done with my transition yet. It’s something I’ve gone back and forth about for the past year. I created my design studio and blog around the same time, about three years ago. I always had the idea that they would sort of stand side by side, not as two completely separate brands. I had this idea that a fine line (the blog) and cleanline studio were similar enough that my brand was clear. Now, I think that was silly, and I really wish I’d given it more thought before I even started. One of my biggest pet peeves as a designer/brand strategist would have to be people and companies who are constantly changing their name and reinventing their brand and offerings. I think it makes you look unprofessional and flaky. Another big mistake that I see frequently online (and I think I’m guilt of) is creating too many different subsects within your brand. The last think you want to do to potential customers is confuse them. If your business is unclear, they’ll probably go elsewhere, because they can! Sometime in the coming months I will update my cleanline studio logo, and do away with afl altogether. Another reason for this change is social media consistence: right now on instagram I’m @afineline whereas on pinterest, fb and twitter I’m @afinelineblog. When the transition is complete, I’ll be @cleanlinestudio everywhere, with no intention of ever ever changing it! To answer your question, I think that if you have good traffic on your blog and the content and aesthetic are consistent with the other components of your business (which I think is usually the case for creative types- you can’t help but infuse both brands with your own personal design sense), it’s a mistake to keep it separate from your business and shop. One of the biggest values I get from my blog is new design clients. They read a silly article about how good I am at killing plants, then make their way over to my portfolio, and bam….I’ve got a new branding client. I think it’s smart to use your blog as a funnel to turn readers into clients or customers at your shop. I don’t know if this is the right answer for everyone. I think it’s something you need to consider really carefully, and only you can really decide if it makes sense for the blog and business you’ve set up. Again, it took me a YEAR to decide consolidating my businesses was the right move, so take your time and then stay committed to your decision. I hope that helps!

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