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modern galaxy nursery design
In 11.5 short weeks, a tiny dude will be coming to live with us forever (YAY!). Recently I’ve been realizing just how quickly the past 12 weeks have gone by, and how soon our new babe will be in my arms. When Eva was a newborn, we were subletting our second of three houses, waiting for the one we live in now to finally be ready for us. She didn’t have a proper nursery until she was about 7 months old, and I’m hoping to bring this newbie home to a space that’s completely ready for him.

Because space is tight in our little home, we’ll be turning what is now the playroom into our little boy’s nursery. It’s a bigger room than Eva’s, so I am planning to keep enough open space that both Eva and her little brother can still use it as somewhat of a play room. One of the walls is exposed brick, while the others are a lovely teal color that I think compliments the brick perfectly. I’m planning to keep the wall color as is, and add touches of grey (and maybe a little neon) throughout. I’ve already purchased bedding from dwell studio’s galaxy nursery collection, the flensted mobile, and a few other things.

In general I want the space to feel clean, modern, fun, and practical (kind of like everything I get my little designer fingers on). I don’t want to be too stuck on any one “theme,” as I think that approach tends to get kind of matchy and boring. So, what do you guys think? Are there any other decor items my little dude just has to have for his space? Fill a pregnant sister in! And have a nice weekend!

PS: If you’re interested, you can follow me on pinterest and check out the whole bebe nursery board right here!

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