the biggest tiny news!

This has been the toughest news to keep secret! I  had planned to wait a few more weeks to spill the beans, but I just can’t contain my excitement any longer! The Stone family will be welcoming a 4th team member at the end of August! I’ve been pretty sick over the past two months, which explains the inconsistent amount of posting. Now that I’m beginning to feel okay, I’m trying to get back into a regular blogging routine.

This photo was taken at 12 weeks, but I’m relieved to say my belly hasn’t grown too much in the past few weeks (although overall, I am MUCH bigger than I was with Eva already, which is terrifying). I’m eating an ungodly amount of probiotics and fermented foods…pickled things, beet kvass, and kombucha have become my best friends with this pregnancy. Eva is SO excited to be a big sister, and Sean and I are pretty delighted about the thought of having a tiny babe once again. Sharing this news with you guys has been something I’ve been looking forward to since even before I was pregnant. Announcing it so publicly definitely adds an extra layer of fo realness to this new life growing in my belly, and I’m so happy to let my amazingly supportive blog community in on the secret! XOXO!

Photo by Inna of Peach Plum Pear

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16 thoughts on “the biggest tiny news!

  1. Bri

    CONGRATS MAMA!! That’s the best news!! August babes are fabulous (although it can get pretty hot those last few weeks of pregnancy. I know!)!

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