that time I lost my iPhone (and didn’t really miss it)

that time I lost my iPhone (and didn't really miss it)

Some of you may have heard me whining about this on social media last week. I was frantically brushing Eva’s hair for school on Tuesday morning, precious iPhone in hand (somehow?), when it went sailing through the air, straight into the toilet. I grabbed it right away, wailed a little, and then relinquished it to a bag of silica beads for the next 48 hours. After two days time, I said a little prayer, plugged it in, and the result was not so good. It took me a few more days of deciding on the best option before I had a new phone in hand…a grand total of 6 days to be exact. And you know what I realized? I actually DID NOT miss it!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few critical business apps that I do rely on that were hard to give up (I’ll post about those later), but the feeling of constantly being connected was not missed in the slightest. I realized how often my hands are busy half consciously messing with my phone. I’ll check email and social media way too often, just out of habit. I didn’t even realize how much I was doing it, until suddenly I wasn’t. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to keep my phone put away unless I need it for a specific purpose.

I also noticed while phoneless just how quickly I’ve conditioned myself to read and respond to emails. If a client emails me about design work or there’s an inquiry on my blog, I’ll probably read your email within minutes. I will get back to you immediately if it’s something I can answer right away, within the day if I need to do further research. I always do this, I’m a bit of a slave to my own email. As a result I have very little patience when my emails aren’t answered right away. To be completely honest, I’m a pretty impatient person, but I think my email expectation of others and myself have gotten unreasonable. When my phone was busted, I’d go many hours without checking my email. I didn’t lose any business, and nobody died. I’m going to try work on checking my email every few hours rather than reading and responding to each new email immediately. I just need to chill out, and not let my iPhone control my life.

So, I’m curious…does anybody else feel tethered to their technology? Please, tell me I’m not alone! How do you regulate your use? Do you ever take a break and unplug completely? Please share, and have a nice weekend!

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4 thoughts on “that time I lost my iPhone (and didn’t really miss it)

  1. Jennifer Coyle

    That sounds like a very happy accident indeed! I detach myself from my phone by setting most things on manual fetch, like email etc, and having most badges and notifications turned off. If I’m spending a lot of time on my phone, it’s ridiculous because I’m better off quickly browsing Facebook/Twitter/blogs/whatever on my computer than trying to scroll through on a tiny screen.

    The only thing I’d really miss if I didn’t have a phone would be the camera and Instagram. It’s just a shame you can’t post on Instagram from the desktop (YET – I’m still holding out, although I understand Instagram’s decision).

  2. Sudha

    Am so addicted to browse facebook groups , Twitter chats , blogs with no reason. Sit all day read all the stuff . My husband is tired of seeing me like that. Even am not comfortable with instagram as we cannot post from desktop soon instagram will be on my browsing list.

  3. Chickadee

    Oh, people these days are too tethered to technology as a whole. People are glued to their cell phones and the internet and most of them get anxious at being unable to use those things for more than a few minutes. I find I don’t have that problem very much and enjoy detaching myself from it, but I am guilty of checking my email constantly, and I don’t even get that many emails. I have been wanting to work on only allowing myself to check on it at certain times through the day.

  4. susan // fleurishing

    oh wow – YES, I am tethered to my phone + probably secretly wish I would drop it in the toilet. 😉

    lately I’ve been much more conscious of not checking it while with the kids, etc…trying to unplug more.

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