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social media and tech for your wedding day from

It wasn’t until after the wedding that I realized just how desperately I would want to see (and have) all my guests’ photos. As most brides probably feel, my wedding was a fantastic blur of a day. It all went by so quickly, and I was too busy to witness every one of my guests’ favorite moments. I would strongly consider planning ahead to use the powers of social media & technology to gain access to those wedding day memories.
The photo above was taken by one of my husband’s oldest friends, James.

social media and tech for your wedding day from ON THE BIG DAY…
10 years ago we would have had disposable film cameras on all the tables, now my friends, we have hashtags and tagging. I like the idea of creating a specific hashtag for your wedding. I would recommend creating pocket sized cards with your hashtag. Your wedding guests will be able to remember it, and check even after the wedding is over. I prefer this option to tagging the bride and groom on facebook, because depending on your privacy settings some guests may be excluded if they aren’t friends with the original poster. Since this idea is becoming more popular, I would get really specific with your hashtag, so you don’t have to share it. For example: #s&swedphilly060912 instead of #s&swedding. Another great thing about the hashtag method is it’s instantaneous. I remember checking social media a few days after the wedding, and being completely overwhelmed by all of the postings from our friends and family. They were filled with love and beautiful images from our big day. I loved seeing so many things from our wedding that I hadn’t in person, and not having to wait until I got back images from our photographer.


social media and tech for your wedding day from AFTER THE FACT…
There are probably other services similar to this, but we used Yogile and really liked it. There is a free option, or you can get the pro option for a yearly $24.95. This is a great option for sharing and receiving high res photographs. We used yogile after our wedding to share the photobooth pictures. I simply uploaded all of them, and then informed our guests with a facebook message and group email. I also requested that our guests share the photos that they took from our wedding day. Many people uploaded their personal images while they were already at our yogile page downloading photobooth pics.

Have a great hump day, and as always feel free to ask questions or leave comments below!

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Photobooth pic by Kate Murphy Photography

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3 thoughts on “social media, technology & your wedding day!

  1. Erin

    The last couple of weddings had options similar to this, and it was such a great idea! It was nice too when you have to wait between the ceremony and the reception. It’s nice to take lots of pictures and to browse what other people are posting as well.

    I know my friend LOVED having the social media portion after the wedding was over. She said exactly what you said, “It all goes by so fast!”

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