Ronan’s birth announcements

baby birth announcements It is safe to say that anyone who received Ronan’s birth announcements already knew of his birth. But, I figured most people still like to get something special in the mail. I got most of these out a little over a month ago, but actually still have a handful to send  (insert anxious emoji here). I’m warning you now, that mother-of-two-too-busy-to-do-it-all theme is probably going to come up a lot from here on out.

baby birth announcements I designed them a few weeks before his arrival, and then took my time coming up with photos and actually having them printed. The originally dummy copy I used before I knew how much he would weight said 8lbs 4 oz. Ha…if only I was so lucky!

I knew I wanted to do a tri-fold style, so I could include more than one image without the design feeling cluttered. I went square to make it a little different and selected teal envelopes to compliment the card design, they also happen to match Ronan’s nursery. I included a thank you note insert for those who sent us gifts…I’m all about consolidation and efficiency at this point in my life!

baby birth announcements Pinhole Pro was nice enough to print these up for me. They offer a lot of options as far as shapes and sizes, so you can basically make whatever design you imagine into a reality. They have two high quality paper choices, and very nice printing. You have to be a “pro,” meaning a photographer or designer to get a membership, but once accepted, sky’s the limit as far as options go.

As I do any time I send something out to our family and friends (mostly around the holidays), I referred back to my trusty InDesign address label template. I updated the master page to match this design, and bam, mailing labels for my peeps without looking up or printing a single address. I like how the custom labels make anything I put in the mail feel a little more branded and special. So what do you think, were they worth the wait? Have a great weekend, friends!

baby birth announcements baby birth announcements

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