fav fonts: condensed font round up

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When you don’t have a ton of horizontal space but still want type that makes a big impact, condensed fonts should be your best friend. They’re great for say a post title or a skinny horizontal web banner. I use Fjalla One for my post titles because it’s web safe. Knockout Junior Flyweight (and many of the other condensed weights of knockout) are used frequently in my blog graphics and materials for my design studio. You can play around a bit with the kerning of a condensed font if you’d like it to take up a bit more visual space. This is just a personal preference, but I like the way a condensed font looks in all caps. Do you have any condensed font favorites to add to the list? Links for all of the fonts above are after the jump…

Knockout Junior Flyweight, DIN Engleschrift, Icing, Fjalla OneNeutraface Condensed, Onyx, Proxima Nova Condensed, Trade Gothic Condensed, Oswald, Ostrich Sans Light

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