life lately 3.0

life lately

This post always seems to be a popular one, so I’m winding down the week by giving you a little insight into my daily life. The whole family is home for snow day part two, and it’s seriously time for us to get out of the house. Have a nice weekend, friends!

MAKING pottery, every Saturday morning. I couldn’t be more glad that I signed up for this course. It’s been something I look forward to every week, and definitely makes for the three most peaceful hours out of my week.

COOKING breakfast ( occasionally ), now that I’m finally over the morning sickness and feeling up for something other than saltines in the AM. I’m also planning to make some yummy butternut squash soup. It’s an easy and delicious recipe, so Eva can help too.

DRINKING oceans of kombucha.

READING absolutely nothing. I’ve been devoted to TV for my down time lately, in the form of House of Cards and Game of Thrones.

WANTING to blow our tax refund on a tropical vacation, but begrudgingly deciding that money could be put to better use.

LOOKING forward to a month or so from now when we can go to the park every day after school. I feel like we’ve disconnected a bit from our community of mamas and kids with the cold weather, and I’m missing my people!

PLAYING tea party, all the time. Eva got a fancy ceramic tea set for Christmas and has been demanding my presence at her lavish playroom affairs on an almost daily basis.

WASTING a lot of time cooped up inside due to never-ending snow days! I’m hoping today’s is the last one of the season!

WISHING Jon Stewart would never leave the Daily Show! When I’m having a rough work day, a Jon Stewart clip almost always lifts my spirits. Jon, please don’t go!

ENJOYING my newfound ability to do some basic web development/coding stuff. I’m working on a secret blog for my husband which I will reveal before too long, but I’m having a great time putting it together without the pressure of potentially ruining work for a paying client.

WAITING not so patiently for April 1st when we find out the gender of this little babe in my belly.

LIKING a lot of the designs I’m working on for my new stationery shop. Most of them have a touch of handmade worked in. Whether it’s a background pattern that I painted or a stamp I created, the handmade elements are usually my favorite part, and I’m happy that I’m finding a way to consistently incorporate them into the collection.

WONDERING how Eva will actually handle being a big sister. She talks a big game of sharing and loving the new baby, but she’s also pretty settled in her role as only child.

LOVING citrus fruits! I am definitely not a winter person, but the price and abundance of glorious oranges and tangerines make the weather a bit more bearable.

HOPING for a charter school miracle. I’ve applied to about ten for Eva, she starts kindergarten next fall. Admission is done by a lottery, and our chances of getting one of the best schools aren’t great.

MARVELING at this strange feeling of anticipation I have; the weather is still awfully cold here, but I sense spring right around the corner and I CAN’T WAIT!

NEEDING a tree for the back yard! We’ve been meaning to plant one for about a year now, I think this spring is finally the time.

SMELLING EVERYTHING. I seem to have this super power when I’m pregnant, my sense of smell if a little bit too sharp. I can smell the hyacinth blooming on the other side of the room, hand lotion I put on hours ago, and barbeque leftovers that I reheated in the microwave.

WEARING big ol’ maternity clothes. It’s been almost 5 years since my pregnancy with Eva, and I’m finding I dislike a pretty large percentage of my maternity duds. I’m wearing them anyway, mixed with flowy dresses, kimonos, and other loose fit clothing from my everyday wardrobe.

FOLLOWING every blog post I’ve found about SEO with extreme interest. I’m realizing that  this is an area of my blog and website that I’ve really neglected, and I want to fix it ASAP!

NOTICING how jam packed our family social calendar is for the next month or so.  I’ve been scheduling a lot of time with friends lately, which I always look forward to.

THINKING about how to shuffle things around and make our small (but well loved) home function with the addition of a 4th family member.

BOOKMARKING bridesmaids dresses that I might be able to wear for a dear friend’s wedding just a few weeks postpartum, and feeling a bit nervous about how any of them might fit.

OPENING a package full of goodies for some fun sponsored posts I have coming up on the blog!

GIGGLING at the hilarious  and moderately scientific questions Eva has been asking about her new sibling. For example, “Mama, why don’t you get sick when the baby pees inside your belly?”

FEELING exhausted by the amazing life my body is growing, grateful for my sweet little family, and excited for spring!

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    1. Sarah Post author

      Ha! It makes me seem a lot more active than I’ve actually been! A lot of the “ING”ing has been in my head…

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