a summer camping supplies round-up

let's go camping from blog.cleanlinestudio.com I hope you had a lovely 4th of July, I know I did. We started the day off by walking through Old City (just past the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall) to see the parade. This was a huge hit with my daughter last year, and she felts pretty good about it this time around too. We spent the afternoon lazing about and napping, and had a late dinner on the grill. After E went to bed, Sean and I climbed up on the roof and watched the Art Museum fireworks. It was super refreshing to have a mid-day break and time with my favorite dude.

Some of my most favorite 4th of July experiences have been camping, so that’s naturally where my mind turns when Independence Day rolls around. It’s something we haven’t done since Eva was born, but I think that’s all about to change this summer. I’m loving all these fun ourdoorsy lady products. Don’t they put you in the mood for a camping trip? Have a great great holiday weekend!

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