July sponsor spotlight and happy 4th!

July sponsor spotlight from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

Hey friends, happy Friday and happy 4th! I’m just popping over to share this month’s sponsors with you. Today we’re talking about some of their favorite traditions or memories for Independence day. Our sponsors aren’t all American, and I’m eager for Christine and Tara to share their stories about Canada Day too! Hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating the fourth here in the good old US, or just preparing for the weekend if you’re hailing from elsewhere! You’ll find all of their answers after the jump…

July sponsor spotlight from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com Now that our family is growing, we really want to start a Fourth of July tradition. In years past, I’ve probably done something different every year, but they always included some type of grilled foods, cold beers, fireworks and good people. As a child, my brother and I would visit our Dad on Fourth of July and go to the Sellersville Carnival. My Dad and I would go on rides and he always helped light the fireworks show.
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July sponsor spotlight from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com When I was a kid, our July Fourths were spent on the lake. We’d pack up the boat for a day of fun in the sun, launch her into the lake and navigate our way over to my aunt and uncle’s waterfront house. The day was spent jumping in the water, sliding down the waterslide and eating popsicles til our lips were numb. When darkness fell, we would all lay on the dock wrapped in towels, wet hair draped out, and watch the fireworks go off in the night sky above us. Quintessential New England summer…
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July sponsor spotlight from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com We celebrate Canada Day here on July 1. It almost always means time spent outdoors, eating yummy food with friends and family. Since having kids we always hit up our neighborhood park for some organized festivities. It’s always a fun day and unofficially represents the kick off to summer for me! Bring on the sunshine!!
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July sponsor spotlight from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com My favorite Independence Day tradition started when I was quite young. My mother rallied up my siblings and I, and together with some family friends, we’d head towards the lake for a weekend of camping. Even though it was deathly hot in the south during the summers — we didn’t care. We looked forward to that weekend all year long. Camp fires, ghost stories, hide & seek under the stars, and lots of togetherness. It’s those very weekends that inspired my passion for the outdoors and exploring. And to me, an excellent way to spend the fourth of July!
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July sponsor spotlight from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com My favourite Canada Day tradition would have to be taking the long weekend and heading out camping with friends and family. We usually head out to a spot not far from our house and spend the weekend off the grid not worrying about cell service or social media. I love celebrating with good friends, sunshine, campfires, quading and fireworks!
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