inspired by nature: luminescent cool tones

inspired by nature from This week’s inspired by nature post relates jellyfish to the ancient art of raku pottery. I think this one is particularly cool, because in this comparison both images are really derived from nature. The jellyfish image is actually an illustration, it’s original source lost in the depths of tumblr. Bioluminescence is what causes jellyfish to give off that bright, glowing color. The light that they give off is thanks to tiny organs called¬†photophores. It’s estimated that about 90% of deep sea creatures have this gift in some form or another.
I think this raku pottery piece mimics bioluminescence quite nicely. The process involves firing your pottery at a relatively low temperature, and then transferring it to a much hotter climate later in the process. It’s done slowly, but the brilliant colors are created from this method alone (no additional glazes added). Read more about it here.

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