happy (frozen) valentines day!

valentinevase Happy Valentines Day AND Happy Friday! I’m normally not one to get all excited about said “Hallmark Holiday,” but something kind of changed after Eva was born. Mr.Stone and I always plan a little special date for the two of us, and I’m particularly excited about this one! We are pretty well snowed in, AGAIN, and the challenge today becomes getting my tiny valentine to her Nana’s house before our evening fun.

Tonight we’ll be attending the valentine’s date night hosted by the clay studio, an awesome organization in Philadelphia that offers workshops and a fantastic ceramics gallery. We’ll be sippin’ champagne and throwing pottery on the wheel. I loved ceramics in high school, genuinely loved it. I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with my husband who has never thrown on a wheel before. The ghost references are almost inevitable, perhaps if we’re really lucky they’ll even be a reference of the ghost reference.¬†¬†

The clay studio is within walking distance of our house, so worst case scenario, we’ll walk. It might be kind of romantic to adventure there in the snow, with my love, don’t you think?

Find those lovely vases from Heath Ceramics here

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5 thoughts on “happy (frozen) valentines day!

  1. Kim

    Happy Valentine’s Day! My beau and I are going to a pizza place down the street from our apartment. We’re hoping it won’t be swamped since it’s a dive pizza joint but who knows. Should be a fun evening. Enjoy yours!

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