Halloween means porcelain skulls, of course


Happy Halloween! What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that phrase? Porcelain skulls, duh! I’ve been eyeing these creepy beauties on etsy for quite a while now, and decided that there’s no better day to share them than halloween! They’re made in Brooklyn by Christine Facella under the brand name Beetle and Flor. She worked previously at the Museum of Natural History, drawing turtle skulls and recreating prehistoric plants. Each skull consists of several molds, and can in total add up to 20+ mold pieces. Once cast and dry, the pieces get fired to over 2200 degrees before 14k gold luster is added on, and then fired once again. I love that the only added detail is a touch of gold. There’s something very cool to me about the combination of the matte white and shiny metallic gold. I think the crow is my fav.Have a nice weekend, I hope your teeth don’t turn to gold from excessive amounts of Halloween candy!

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