fav fonts: calligraphy font roundup

fav fonts: calligraphy font roundup
Whew, happy hump day! I feel like this post requires a bit of explanation. Some of you may be thinking wait, didn’t this chick just host a calligraphy brunch? Isn’t she all about calligraphy done by hand? And, the answer is yes. BUT, I also think there’s a time and place for calligraphy fonts.

There’s a lot of value in seeing the various styles of others as you are learning calligraphy on your own. You might see certain characters or elements that you’d like to emulate in your own style. For those of you who aren’t ready or interested in hand-done calligraphy, these fonts give you that look, without all the hands-on time.

I try to include some free fonts in these round-ups, but that just wasn’t possible this time. It makes sense to me that these wouldn’t be available for free. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a calligraphy style, and there’s absolutely no room for mistakes in the kerning of a calligraphy font. Let me know which ones you like, and if you have suggestions for future font roundups, leave it in the comments section!

Cantoni | Bombshell | Carolyna | Jaques & Gilles | Alana | Horizontes Script | Ondise | The Carpenter | Adorn Pomander | Azalea Smooth

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3 thoughts on “fav fonts: calligraphy font roundup

  1. Kate

    I didn’t like “Bombshell” at first, but then I thought about certain words in that type or ways I’d use it and it started to look really beautiful. It goes to show you: it’s the design behind the choice! =] Good round-up!

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