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easy gift wrap, affordable wrapping paper, holiday gift wrap, kraft paper gift wrap So, you’ve spent countless hours and dollaz making Christmas a reality. Maybe you even made your gift by hand for the person you love. Now you likely fall into one of these two categories:

1) The shrewd “I’m not spending as much on the paper as I did on the gift” type OR
2) The “Oh (profanity of your choice)! It’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t wrapped a single present type

In either case, fear not. The interwebs have spoken, and it turns out simple and kraft papery is all the rage this year. Unfold a brown paper grocery bag and use that for the wrapping paper (That first example is a paper bag from trader joe’s). If you’re following this blog, I’m going to assume you probably have some washi tape on hand. If not, no problem. Go trim a few branches off any green plant you can find, attach with baker’s twine and call it a day!

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