my plants are dead and now I’m sad

easy houseplants from, easy houseplants, impossible to kill houseplants, house plants, easy house plants, unkillable houseplants I’m not sure what’s going on over here, you guys. The plants are beginning to mutiny! I have a lot of plants, and I feel like I work pretty hard to be nice to them. I know all of their names, what they’re into, their favorite colors, really…I’ve done my homework! But alas, five of them have bit the dust since Christmas and now my collection is looking rather depleted.

Taking care of plants is something I really enjoy. My garden is just about my favorite place in the universe, but this time of year, I’m limited to what’s inside. I think tons of house plants is both the easiest and cheapest way to bring some life into your home. I’ve got it narrowed down to a few contenders that can withstand our mediocre city row house lack of light. So what do you say, will you help me choose some new lovelies?

easy houseplants from, easy houseplants, impossible to kill houseplants, house plants, easy house plants, unkillable houseplant So which one’s your favorite? Some of these I haven’t tried, and some others currently live with me and have survived the plant peer pressure to bite the dust. I’m realizing now that I think I’ve seen all of these plants for sale at IKEA. If you’re also struggling to keep your plants alive, maybe you should head there…they seem to have the hearty plant industry pretty well figured out. I bought a money tree when I was there this week, and plan to stop in my favorite neighborhood plant shop over the weekend to snap a philodendron. Wish me luck (apparently I need it), and have a lovely weekend!

PS: Image above borrowed from weekday carnival
plant images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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7 thoughts on “my plants are dead and now I’m sad

  1. Jenn Coyle

    Every plant I’ve purchased at IKEA has done really well. Except the money tree. Don’t buy that one! I’ve seen one of those die on two people, plus they grow up strange. Adams just brought home a snake plant from his old job and it’s one of my new favorites. It’s so hearty. And I’m glad to hear it improves air quality!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Crap! I just bought a money tree when I was at Ikea the other day! The good news is, it was only $10, so if it dies I won’t be too upset…

  2. Eimy

    Oh, my snake plant is a survivor! It’s been with me two years. Sadly, all other plants that are not of the cacti/succulent variation die. Thanks for the zee zee plant rec and watering info! It looks extra pretty and might work along side my snake plant! ‘


  3. Chickadee

    I love the snake plant and zeezee plant, both are harder to kill and improve air quality, a win-win if you ask me. 😛

    I -love- plants, but even though I try my hardest to take care of them and meet their care requirements I often struggle to keep them alive and can be pretty good at killing them. I think it must just be the area I live in, hard and dark winters and stormy and humid summers.

    Now you have me thinking about getting one of the plants you’ve mentioned above, not that I need anymore right now, I have too many as it is! But I don’t mind living in a jungle. 😉

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