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fashion week inspired free desktop wallpaper from Happy hump day friends! With the start of spring officially looming (22 days til that old vernal equinox), my desktop was asking for a makeover. These latest additions were inspired by images from fashion week, from both winter/spring and fall 2013 runway shows.

fashion week inspiration for free desktop wallpapers via Here are the three looks that inspired these desktop wallpapers. Lela Rose, Valentino, and Escada. There’s something super interesting to me about the way those overlapping shapes appear denser where the Lela Rose fabric is folded, everything from that shoes was just heavenly. I love that gorgeous flowing Valentino fabric, she looks like a floaty watercolor spring dream! And last buit not least, I am just straight up amazed by the incredible technique used on that Escada technique. I’m sure it took weeks to create that treatment by hand, but man does it have some wow factor!

lelarose inspired wallpaper via Download the Lela Rose inspired desktop wallpaper right here!
1856 x 1161 OR 2560 x 1440

valentino inspired wallpaper via Download the Valentino inspired desktop wallpaper right here!
Available in 1856  x 1162 OR 2560 x 1440

escada inspired wallpaper via Download the Escada inspired desktop wallpaper at 1856 x 1161 OR 2560 x 1440

You can see more of my fashion and design faves over on my pinterest page, please follow me if you aren’t already! Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to share the love with your friends!

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6 thoughts on “desktop decor: free wallpaper just for you!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks Jackie, you don’t have to choose a favorite! Download them all, or come back later for a new one!

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