desktop decor: foiled leaf rubbings!

fall desktop wallpaper free from
Hello Friday friends! My sincerest apologies for how long it’s been since I’ve done a desktop decor post. I hope this one makes up for lost time. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more hand-done techniques into my work, both on the blog and off. I think this desktop wallpaper fulfills that desire (at least for today). Yesterday, Eva and I went out on a “leaf walk.” We visited our neighborhood park, collected the loveliest shapes and colors, and then brought them home to make leaf rubbings. Do you remember doing that as a kid? After our craft project was done, I collected up the best ones to make you this wallpaper today (I may have added a little graphic design magic once I got them to the studio).  So, you can think of this desktop wallpaper as a mother/daughter project! Hope you like it! Download this one, of a teal and silver version after the jump…

fall desktop wallpaper free from



fall desktop wallpaper free from DOWNLOAD FOILED LEAVES BERRY AND GOLD HERE

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