color me monday: creamsicle, mint and coral red

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Hey Guys! I hope you are doing well and had a nice weekend. The snowy¬†Saturday afternoon weather put a damper on all of our plans for the weekend, although I did make it to my pottery class without a hitch. Sunday I woke up feeling grumpy and disappointed about missing out on fun times with friends, but then I went outside! It’s amazing how heavenly 40 degree weather feels after a week of single digits. The sunshine cheered me right up, and out little family spend the rest of the day eating delicious Paesano’s¬†sandwiches and running errands (certain little girls were even coatless).

As you probably know by now, mint is among my most very favorite colors, so any palette with mint in it is just magic to me. I like how this has a really soft springtime feel to it, and then that coral red just gives it some pow! Hope you have a nice week, and be sure to check back on Wednesday for a HUGE announcement!

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