what’s in a name?

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This week, it happened. I walked into the social security office in Center City Philadelphia and 15 minutes later, my identity was changed forever. I spent a lot of time thinking about this decision, and whether or not changing my name was something I truly wanted to do.

I decided ultimately that having the same last name as my daughter was something that I felt strongly about. I’m sure it’s pretty common these days, but I never liked explaining at the pediatrician’s office that she had her father’s last name and mine was different. Although we’ve officially been a family for a long time in my book, having the three of us unified with the same surname felt important. That and Sarah Stone sounds pretty cool (if my husband’s last name was Weisenheimer, I may have stuck with my maiden name). I feel a little sad about saying goodbye to the family name that I’ve had for 28 years, but also excited to see what I can do with this brand new identity!

So, ladieszzzz what do you think? If you are married already, did you change your name?  Why or why not? Soon to be brides, how are you feeling on this matter? And to all the single ladies, do you have a strong feeling one way or the other? I want to know!

Image by Leigh Viner, available on etsy!

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