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A YEAR IN REVIEW from blog.cleanlinestudio.com Hello my dears! I hope you had (and are continuing to have) a beautiful holiday. I’m back to work today, with another break scheduled midweek. Today, I’m looking back over the year, completely in awe of how quickly time has passed. I’m sharing a few of my favorite afl posts from 2013, and feeling grateful and proud of all I’ve done…

1. Although it didn’t happen in 2013, I was honored to have my wedding featured on once wed back in April. I wrote my own post with a few of my favorite photos from the big day. It was one of my happiest, most memorable days yet.

2.  This post is all about murals photographed by me all over Philadelphia, the city I’m proud to call home.

3. This year I’ve made more of an effort to share my own design work; including these wax seal business cards for afl (if I ever see me in person, ask for one, I’ve got hundreds).

4. Throughout the year, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable posting photos of my sweet baby girl. Posts about her have been some of my most popular throughout the year! This one’s about a sweet discovery of pansies coming up through the sidewalk. Man, I love her so.

5. I’m excited to say that work for my little boutique design studio has really picked up this year! In this post I talk about my experience with braid creative, and some of my own conclusions about succeeding as a creative entrepreneur.

6. color me monday has continued to be one of my most popular columns this year, and I’m happy to keep it going. As you know by now, I’m a sucker for mint, so my favorite color me monday post probably won’t come as a shock to you!

7. Eva turned three in June, and we celebrated with a southern style BBQ picnic in our neighborhood park. It was a fun afternoon filled with good friend, good food, and purple decor as far as the eye could see!

8. The extreme popularity of this post was a bit of a surprise to me! Here I’m talking about using safe and natural household products instead of store-bought shampoo and conditioner. It’s easy, cheap, and my hair has never looked better. And yes, I’m still doing it!

9. I haven’t written an Inspired by Nature post in a while, but I plan to pick it up again in the new year. I am a lover of nature and creativity, and it’s always fin to see the two side by side like in this post.

10. Last but certainly not least, is a post about the family photos we had taken in October. We’ve only done this one other time since Eva was born. I’m sure these photos of our little family will be ones we treasure for many years to come. It was such a fun morning of donut eating and kite flying in Chestnut Hill!

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe new year!

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