the big deal gender reveal!

official baby gender reveal! I had originally planned to post this yesterday, but decided to hold off. I didn’t want anyone to think I was april fools day joking about this VERY big news! Finally, yesterday we learned this little baby in my belly’s gender… whether we’d be welcoming a brand new little girl or really moving out of our comfort zone by adding a baby boy to the mix! Since it’s officially spring, I thought I’d let big sister Eva and some appropriately colored flowers break the news! Find out what we’re having, blue or pink, after the jump!


IT’S A BOY! We are so excited! With every step I’ve taken since we found out,  I hear “one-of-each, one-of-each.” Sean and I both come from families with an older sister and younger brother combo, so somehow this family dynamic just feels right to us. Eva had hoped for a little brother since the beginning, and I’m happy she gets what she wanted (at least for now). It’s been almost 5 years since she was a baby, and I’m super thrilled to do it all over again…in a totally different way. Now, we just have to buy a whole new wardrobe and come up with a name, nbd.

I’ve hardly mentioned my pregnancy since I announced it 4 weeks ago, so I wanted to take a moment to fill you guys in. My morning sickness is long gone, and my energy level is pretty much back to normal. I’ve been consistently feeling kicks and movement every day for the past few weeks. It’s my favorite part! My immune system has really taken a back seat to baby production, and I’ve come down with several nasty bugs in the past few weeks. But, now that the weather is warming up, I’m hoping I’m done with that as well. Thank you guys for your support and enthusiasm. It really does mean a lot to me!

first image borrowed from Emiko Ito, edited by moi

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9 thoughts on “the big deal gender reveal!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Katherine, I can’t even tell you how many photos I took to get one decent one (yes I can, 63). She’s in a real creepy, gummy, fake smile phase. The only way to get her to give you a genuine smile is to threaten merciless tickling, as I did here.

  1. Bri

    Congrats!! We have “one of each” as well and it’s fabulous. And that photo is deliciously adorable. What a cute way to share the big reveal!

  2. Carol W.

    Congratulations! One of each, so blessed. We have one of each as well, our daughter (oldest) was and sometimes still tries to be the little mommy. She was such a trooper and is a wonderful big sister. Just as Eva will be. Again congratulations to you and your family!

  3. Jen

    Congrats! Your daughter is adorable. I have an Eva as well (she’s 3) and am expecting a boy in August. I had no idea boy clothes were so cute! 🙂

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