Why I’m never shampooing my hair again…

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Oh hey. The title of this post probably sounds really hippy and dramatic. Well, I haven’t used drug store/salon shampoo in about two months, and I think it’s now safe to say that I’m not going back. Why, you ask? I was curious if it would work for me, and I read that avoiding conventional shampoo can cause your hair to be less frizzy. Allowing your hair’s natural oils to do their thing can look especially great on wavy locks like mine. One last added bonus, it’s really (really) cheap.

Please, do me a favor and never ever refer to this style of hair maintenance as “No Poo”. That name irks me so badly. I’m sure some marketing executive over at Pantene Pro V or Bumble and Bumble came up with that one. “No Poo” sounds just plain disgusting, and let me tell you friends, it’s not. From this point on, let’s refer to it as “All Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.” I realize “all natural” doesn’t actually mean much of anything, but it sounds far better than the aforementioned alternative.

So far, I’ve found all the positives I mentioned to be true. My hair isn’t as slippery soft as it was on the Pro-V, but it looks and feels healthier and is definitely less frizzy. I got a cut last week, and my stylist remarked at how healthy my hair looked before I told her about my new all natural treatment. I only use the shampoo and conditioner every 3-4 days, and just rinse my hair in between. Here’s my recipe if you’re interested in giving it a try:

all natural shampoo SHAMPOO
1/7 Baking Soda to Water mixture. That’s it. I just got condiment squeeze bottles for my all natural Shampoo and Conditioner. I use the spouted lid because both the shampoo and conditioner are extremely watery, and the spout makes it easier to get it even across your head. You really just want the shampoo solution on your scalp. Shake it up, distribute across your scalp, rub it in, and let it sit for about a minute. Further dilute your solution if your scalp is itchy or bothered by the baking soda.

1/7 Apple Cider Vinegar to Water mixture. If you don’t want your hair smelling like vinegar (I know I don’t) you can add essential oils or spices to your all natural conditioner. I added an old vanilla bean, a few cinnamon sticks, and some cardamum pods to mine. Obviously, the more herbs and spices you add the less cost effective this becomes, so keep that in mind if cheap is your #1 goal. I like to lmix up my solution in advance, to give the spices time to infuse. Turn your head over in the shower and dump the conditioner solution over your scalp and hair to get it evenly distributed, I’d say about 1/4 cup. Rinse as usual.

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12 thoughts on “Why I’m never shampooing my hair again…

  1. Victoria

    Wow, this is pretty awesome! I thought I was doing my hair a favor by using the most all natural, no chemical shampoos I could find… but this REALLY is the most all natural, no chemical shampoo / conditioner. I would LOOOVE to try this – thank you for sharing!!

  2. Leigh

    I keep reading about this and really need to try it. I love how healthy hair looks with natural oils. Now I’m not saying I like oily hair, but I think oil can add a beautiful texture! Right now I have really gotten used to only washing my hair once a week, so I think this is right up my alley! People seem to have good reviews for this!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Yeah, I would think that if you’re used to only washing once a week, it wouldn’t even be much of an adjustment for your hair. I’ve heard other people say that their hair was really greasy when first trying this, but I haven’t found that to be the case. You may have to do a little tinkering with the water/baking soda ratio to get it right for your hair.

  3. Nicole

    This doesn’t make your hair greasy, does it? My hair gets super greasy so I dunno if this would be for me. But I do like the idea of it!

    1. Sarah Post author

      It really doesn’t, Nicole! The first time I made the baking soda solution, used a more wimpy 1/10 solution and that wasn’t as effective. I’ve get out of the shower and my hair didn’t really feel clean. But, since making the mixture a bit stronger, it works really well. I would say by day 4 my hair is definitely starting to feel a little oily, but I haven’t experienced the extreme grease I’ve heard other people talk about.

  4. Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos

    I’m totally trying this once I get through my ginormous BJs-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I already was my hair pretty infrequently to combat the frizz, but I’ve only heard rave reviews about going all natural. I can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Lisa

    I love this! I’ve been using pretty fancy all natural shampoo and conditioner (John Masters Organics, swoon. I love it, but it is not cheap.), but this would be a ton cheaper. I’ll have to give it a try. I especially love the idea of infusing the conditioner with spices.

  6. Lucy

    I love this idea! I’ve been trying to go without shampoo for a while, but always find on the 3rd or 4th day it gets greasy. I’ll give this a try and see how it works!

  7. sue

    I love using baking soda and vinegar for all my household cleaning, I am not sure why I didn’t know about using it for shampoo… this is certainly something that I want to try… thanks for sharing this!

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