the 52 project: week 32/52

the 52 project: week 32/52 from Remember yesterday when I talked about soaking up every last bit of summer? Here’s evidence of Eva┬ádoing just that. The weather was not especially cooperative, but we decided to embrace our last chance to go to the beach, as a family, in summer 2014.

I’m sharing a few more photos of the trip (sans family) on steller.

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4 thoughts on “the 52 project: week 32/52

    1. Sarah Post author

      Julie, I also have pippit and really haven’t felt compelled to use it much. Steller is my new go-to app when I’m standing in line or have a free moment. They also have really clean, modern layouts and type pairings, making it almost impossible to overdo it. It’s hard to predict what will be the next big tbing, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was steller.

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