the 52 project: week 30/52

the 52 project: week 30/52

After our recent visit to Spruce Street Harbor Park, we had the brilliant idea to set up our own hammock in the backyard! Monday evening, the girl and her daddy took it for a test swing. We’ve been enjoying it ever since, and wondering why the idea didn’t occur to us sooner. The backyard is slowly becoming our favorite place, as you can clearly tell my the expression on this kid’s face.

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4 thoughts on “the 52 project: week 30/52

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks, Brandi! We actually don’t have ANY trees in our backyard (that’s on the to-do list for fall). Our hammock is anchored into cinder block walls on the west and north corners of our backyard. Maybe you could find a similar spot in your yard?

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