color me monday: citrine, grey, and bubblegum pink

color me monday, mustard and pink, spring colors, spring color palette, color palette inspiration, inspiration, color, mood board, color board

Hello friends, it’s been a while! Last week I was super sick and crummy, and just couldn’t possible put together a worthwhile blog post for you. Now I’m back, it’s officially spring, and I’m ready to rock. It was a pretty quiet weekend around here. Eva went to my parent’s house on Friday, and we met her there on Saturday afternoon. It was still pretty cold so minus a Sunday morning walk in the woods, we were inside huddled by the fireplace most of the weekend.

Despite the way it feels, I’m ready to think spring. I like the juxtaposition of this girly pink against the darker, gender-neutral citrine color. I hope you have a nice week!

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muted illustrations by HSIAO-RON CHENG

muted illustrations by HSIAO-RON CHENG, flower portraits, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, pastel portraits, illustrated portrait WOW! Just wow! I stumbled across these insanely gorgeous muted illustrations by Hsiao-Ron Cheng, and knew I just had to share. She is a Taiwanese digital artist and illustrator. She just started working in 2012, which absolutely blows my mind. You’d never suspect her recentness when looking through her portfolio, each piece is incredibly strong and refined. Hsiao-Ron has been seriously busy for the past few years! She’s also painted many a red-headed muse, which makes me like her work even more. I specifically chose these images because c’mon, faces crammed in flowers just radiates an irresistible spring time vibe, don’t you think? I strongly advise you to check out her website and print shop, and have a super lovely weekend!

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color me monday: indigo, jade and citrine

color me monday: indigo, jade and citrine

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was lovely. Ours was good, although not at all what we had planned. My in-laws were supposed to fly in for a quick visit on their way to DC, but a last minute snowstorm put a stop to that. Eva’s school was closed and Sean had already taken the day off of work, so we decided to make the best of our three day weekend. Friday we joined some friends at the Franklin Institute, Saturday I went to my ceramics class and then our little family explored a local flea market and fabric row. Sunday was relatively quiet and an hour shorter, but some dear friends popped by in the afternoon for tea and a dance party.

Three cheers for the bright green promise of spring! There’s really nothing like it. You still have to look hard to find it, but just yesterday I saw tiny green shoots coming up in my window boxes. I threw in the indigo and jade for good measure. Have an awesome, warm week, folks!

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life lately 3.0

life lately

This post always seems to be a popular one, so I’m winding down the week by giving you a little insight into my daily life. The whole family is home for snow day part two, and it’s seriously time for us to get out of the house. Have a nice weekend, friends!

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fav fonts: condensed font round up

my favorite condensed fonts, condensed fonts, font round up, favorite condensed fonts

When you don’t have a ton of horizontal space but still want type that makes a big impact, condensed fonts should be your best friend. They’re great for say a post title or a skinny horizontal web banner. I use Fjalla One for my post titles because it’s web safe. Knockout Junior Flyweight (and many of the other condensed weights of knockout) are used frequently in my blog graphics and materials for my design studio. You can play around a bit with the kerning of a condensed font if you’d like it to take up a bit more visual space. This is just a personal preference, but I like the way a condensed font looks in all caps. Do you have any condensed font favorites to add to the list? Links for all of the fonts above are after the jump…

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color me monday: powder blue and lilac

color me monday: powder blue and lilac, powder blue and lilac, purple and blue, purple blue color palette, color, colors, color palette, color palette ideas, color scheme ideas, muted color palette, cool colors

Hey friends, I hope you had a nice weekend! Ours was fairly uneventful, for which I am grateful. Saturday morning I had my pottery class, Sunday we did some grocery shopping and dinner out with friends. The week got off to a weird start with a little ice storm overnight and a two hour delay from school this morning. But, Eva and I made the best of it with a leisurely breakfast of bacon and eggs and even time for some morning snuggles!

While the weather here shows no real sign of spring, I’m beginning to sense it right around the corner. I like this muted pastel combo for today. It feels just right for this time of year; cold and blue with a touch of springtime anticipation. Have a nice week!

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watercolor lovelies by satsuki shibuya

watercolors by satsuki shibuya, satsuki shibuya, watercolor, watercolor painting, watercolor paintings, art, fine art, painting

Watercolor is such a lovely medium. I remember back in elementary school, I had a friend who’s father was a painter. I still remember his words as he taught us how to embrace the strengths of the paint by using it as it was intended, with lots of water. My first thought when I discovered the work of Satsuki Shibuya was that she’d done exactly that. I love how the shapes and colors flow together with such ease. So simple, but just so perfect.

I wanted to say thank you for your love and excitement about my big announcement on Wednesday. My family and I received SO many warm wishes, and it really means the world to me. I had such a good day on Wednesday, mostly thanks to all of your virtual love. This little babe in my belly is just the luckiest bean around. Have a beautiful weekend, and check out more of Satsuki’s watercolors after the jump!

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the biggest tiny news!

This has been the toughest news to keep secret! I  had planned to wait a few more weeks to spill the beans, but I just can’t contain my excitement any longer! The Stone family will be welcoming a 4th team member at the end of August! I’ve been pretty sick over the past two months, which explains the inconsistent amount of posting. Now that I’m beginning to feel okay, I’m trying to get back into a regular blogging routine.

This photo was taken at 12 weeks, but I’m relieved to say my belly hasn’t grown too much in the past few weeks (although overall, I am MUCH bigger than I was with Eva already, which is terrifying). I’m eating an ungodly amount of probiotics and fermented foods…pickled things, beet kvass, and kombucha have become my best friends with this pregnancy. Eva is SO excited to be a big sister, and Sean and I are pretty delighted about the thought of having a tiny babe once again. Sharing this news with you guys has been something I’ve been looking forward to since even before I was pregnant. Announcing it so publicly definitely adds an extra layer of fo realness to this new life growing in my belly, and I’m so happy to let my amazingly supportive blog community in on the secret! XOXO!

Photo by Inna of Peach Plum Pear

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color me monday: creamsicle, mint and coral red

color-me-monday_creamsicle,-mint,-and-coral-red, color me monday, color palette, color scheme, inspiration, peach mint coral colors

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing well and had a nice weekend. The snowy Saturday afternoon weather put a damper on all of our plans for the weekend, although I did make it to my pottery class without a hitch. Sunday I woke up feeling grumpy and disappointed about missing out on fun times with friends, but then I went outside! It’s amazing how heavenly 40 degree weather feels after a week of single digits. The sunshine cheered me right up, and out little family spend the rest of the day eating delicious Paesano’s sandwiches and running errands (certain little girls were even coatless).

As you probably know by now, mint is among my most very favorite colors, so any palette with mint in it is just magic to me. I like how this has a really soft springtime feel to it, and then that coral red just gives it some pow! Hope you have a nice week, and be sure to check back on Wednesday for a HUGE announcement!

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