Philly creatives feature on fleurishing

FLEURISHINGHey guys! With all the giveaway excitement yesterday, I neglected to tell you about another exciting thing that happened! I’m featured on fleurishing as part of a series called philly creatives. For those of you who aren’t familiar with fleurishing, you’re in for a treat! It’s written by Susan Hitchinson, a Philadelphia-based interior designer, francophile, mama, and fellow redhead. She has fantastic taste and her blogs is one of my absolute favorites, which is why I am so honored to be included in this series. Check out the article right here!

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the 52 project: week 32/52

the 52 project: week 32/52 from yesterday when I talked about soaking up every last bit of summer? Here’s evidence of Eva doing just that. The weather was not especially cooperative, but we decided to embrace our last chance to go to the beach, as a family, in summer 2014.

I’m sharing a few more photos of the trip (sans family) on steller.

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color me monday: rose, emerald and cocoa

color me monday_rose, emerald, and cocoa

Happy Monday! I’m still recovering a bit from all the loveliness of my weekend. Both Friday and Sunday evening were spent sipping cocktails and enjoying the outdoors with friends. I feel like we’re at the time of year when everyone’s doing a mad dash to enjoy nature. In keeping with that theme, we took a family trip to Island Beach State Park on Saturday. The weather was not fantastic, but we went anyway. We had a nice picnic on the beach, did a little sand castle work, and waded on the bay side in search of clams (unsuccessfully, 4 year olds aren’t very patient).

This week, I fell in love with the colors in this aerial photograph by David Maisel. His work is really interesting, and I think the tones speak perfectly for this not quite summer not quite fall time of year. Have a nice week, friends!

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the prettiest lunch boxes on earth

lulie wallace lunchboxes

Hey guys! With the beginning of the school year right around the corner (or already started for some), I wanted to share an amazing back to school product with you. I use my lulie wallace lunchbox almost daily. Eva has been asking for her own when school starts, and I am happy to oblige.

Not only are they beautiful, but they also support a good cause. Lulie partners with a charity called backpack buddies, to benefit “food-insecure homes” in the Charleston, SC area. For every beautiful lunchbox you purchase, you’re also buying a meal for a child who really needs it. I just love that! Have a nice weekend!

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logo case study: hallie henley design

I’ve been meaning to share more of my work lately, and today I’m fiiinally making that happen! I’m sharing the branding and identity system for Hallie Henley Design, from start to finish. Hallie is an award-winning interior designer who is just starting her own company, and was an absolute dream client for me. See the moodboard, and design process after the jump!

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color me monday: sage, banana, peach and grey

color me monday: sage, banana, peach and grey from

Hey guys! I hope you had a nice weekend. I did! Friday nights aren’t usually much of a thing for us, but this past one was spent out on the town like the young people do (Eva was with my parents, naturally)! Saturday we attended a double birthday party for my little cousins, complete with enormous inflatable water slide, bounce house and pinatas. Sunday we spent most of the day relaxing at home and then had a nice dinner with another set of friends.

Do you like this week’s color palette? It was very much inspired by the asian package design (top right). I think it feels sort of south west modern and very gender neutral, which is perhaps a welcome change. Have a beautiful week!

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life lately 2.0

lifelately2.0HAPPY FRIDAY! You guys seemed to enjoy this post the last time I did it, and it’s been a while since I’ve shared a look behind the scenes. Find out what I’m making, wanting, even wasting after the jump…

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The 52 project: Week 31/52

eva_week31 copy
I told you about our camping trip yesterday, but I failed to mention the part that I found absolutely most enjoyable. The woods where our camping adventure took place are very dear to me. I have many memories of time spent on this property, memories of my grandmother, memories of singing around a campfire and enjoying the baffling awesomeness of nature. I didn’t even realize until we got to the Pocono property how important it was to me that I share these things with my own daughter. Despite a few rough patches in our trip, she soaked it all up with all the childlike wonder and enthusiasm she could muster. I’m so grateful to have these images to remember my newest Pocono memories by. Many more photos after the jump…

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color me monday: latte

color me monday_latte

Hey friends, happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend! I know almost every Monday, I’m telling you about how great my weekend was, but this past one was a bit of a mixed bag. My parents own property in the pocono mountains where Sean and I have camped many times, but this was Eva’s first camping trip! We had an absolutely glorious day on Saturday. The weather was very cooperative, and we enjoyed a nice afternoon fishing, canoeing, and gathering wild huckleberries after we set up our camp. It wasn’t until after we got back to campsite and were preparing for bed that Eva got tremendously sick. I guess when traveling with a child, one should always be prepared for vomit around any and every corner, but we honestly weren’t even a little bit ready. We spend most of the night awake, cold, and uncomfortable as we lost pillows and sleeping bags to Eva’s bug. We woke up pretty zombified on Sunday, and managed to have a decent morning exploring the woods before heading back to civilization.

This week, I’m inspired by this single color, rather than a combination. Rebecca Minkoff calls it latte, and I predict we’ll be seeing a lot of it this fall. I think it’s pretty much the perfect neutral; almost peach but not quite so orange. I think it’s sophisticated and cozy all at the same time. I’m making a mental note for any autumn wardrobe additions. Have a lovely week!

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