that time I lost my iPhone (and didn’t really miss it)

that time I lost my iPhone (and didn't really miss it)

Some of you may have heard me whining about this on social media last week. I was frantically brushing Eva’s hair for school on Tuesday morning, precious iPhone in hand (somehow?), when it went sailing through the air, straight into the toilet. I grabbed it right away, wailed a little, and then relinquished it to a bag of silica beads for the next 48 hours. After two days time, I said a little prayer, plugged it in, and the result was not so good. It took me a few more days of deciding on the best option before I had a new phone in hand…a grand total of 6 days to be exact. And you know what I realized? I actually DID NOT miss it!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few critical business apps that I do rely on that were hard to give up (I’ll post about those later), but the feeling of constantly being connected was not missed in the slightest. I realized how often my hands are busy half consciously messing with my phone. I’ll check email and social media way too often, just out of habit. I didn’t even realize how much I was doing it, until suddenly I wasn’t. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to keep my phone put away unless I need it for a specific purpose.

I also noticed while phoneless just how quickly I’ve conditioned myself to read and respond to emails. If a client emails me about design work or there’s an inquiry on my blog, I’ll probably read your email within minutes. I will get back to you immediately if it’s something I can answer right away, within the day if I need to do further research. I always do this, I’m a bit of a slave to my own email. As a result I have very little patience when my emails aren’t answered right away. To be completely honest, I’m a pretty impatient person, but I think my email expectation of others and myself have gotten unreasonable. When my phone was busted, I’d go many hours without checking my email. I didn’t lose any business, and nobody died. I’m going to try work on checking my email every few hours rather than reading and responding to each new email immediately. I just need to chill out, and not let my iPhone control my life.

So, I’m curious…does anybody else feel tethered to their technology? Please, tell me I’m not alone! How do you regulate your use? Do you ever take a break and unplug completely? Please share, and have a nice weekend!

Image borrowed from anthropologie

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wax seal giveaway: 3 winners!

wax seal giveaway: 3 winners! from
Gah! I’m SO excited! Today I’m doing a repeat of one of afl’s most popular giveaways EVER! The occasion? Lingke, the owner of backtozero recently moved her shop away from etsy, and is now selling products on her very own website! The new site looks great, and I’m personally really inspired by how successful this business has become, practically overnight.

For those of you who weren’t around when we did the last giveaway, backtozero creates a huge variety of wax seal stamps to be used for just about anything you can dream up. Their wax seals make such a lovely addition to product packaging, valentines and wedding invitations. They’re even been featured in Southern Weddings and on the Real Simple website! One of my favorite back to zero offerings has to be the custom wax seal. If you’ve met me in person lately and I handed you a business card…yes, this is where I purchased my custom seal! Click through to enter!

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color me monday: white out

color me monday: white out

Hey guys, happy monday! I woke up this morning feeling kind of annoyed that the much anticipated snow in Pennsylvania was going to slow down my productivity this week. The school district of Philadelphia has an early dismissal today and almost certain snow day tomorrow, which means Eva’s preschool is closed too. But, then my little girl woke up this morning radiating snow day excitement. We made oatmeal together in our bathrobes while Eva spoke with great anticipation of the snowman we’ll make later today. As I sit here (still in my bathrobe to be perfectly honest), her enthusiasm makes it difficult to feel anything but excited about the looming storm. For the next 2 days we’ll be home sipping hot cocoa, reading books, watching movies, building snowmen, and enjoying every moment of it. If you are somewhere snowy, I hope you’re staying safe and warm, and have a moment to enjoy the world coated in white stuff.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with a super fantastic awesome giveaway. See you then!

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my plants are dead and now I’m sad

easy houseplants from I’m not sure what’s going on over here, you guys. The plants are beginning to mutiny! I have a lot of plants, and I feel like I work pretty hard to be nice to them. I know all of their names, what they’re into, their favorite colors, really…I’ve done my homework! But alas, five of them have bit the dust since Christmas and now my collection is looking rather depleted.

Taking care of plants is something I really enjoy. My garden is just about my favorite place in the universe, but this time of year, I’m limited to what’s inside. I think tons of house plants is both the easiest and cheapest way to bring some life into your home. I’ve got it narrowed down to a few contenders that can withstand our mediocre city row house lack of light. So what do you say, will you help me choose some new lovelies?

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a rainy day with joules

a rainy day with joules “Mommy, mommy, it’s raining today.” Imagine Eva saying that sentence, and now replace the slightly disappointed tone you’ve assumed with sheer jubilation. We’ve had our matching mother / daughter rain boots from Joules for over a month now, but haven’t had the chance to take them for a test spin. This past Sunday we finally had our chance, and we went for it!

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color me monday: shades of grey and pale coral


Hello friends, I hope you had a nice weekend! We went to my parents’ house and spent most of the weekend lounging near their cozy fireplace, just about as close to hibernation as a human family can get. We had Sunday brunch with friends and Eva went out for a pony ride with her Nana, but I only ventured into the cold when absolutely necessary.

This color palette is inspired by the layered greys of winter, but I really like how the touches of cyan and pale coral give the grey palette new dimension. I think there’s something terribly chic about that top right image, she made me fall in love with this color palette. Have a lovely week!

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thoughts and goals for 2015

thoughts and goals for 2015

Hey guys. I found this quote online in the past week or so, and it has really stuck with me. While I definitely don’t work 80 hour weeks, I feel like in the past year I’ve really developed the drive and work ethic of a small business owner. This idea of working twice as hard just to be working for yourself really makes sense to me.

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color me monday: banana yellow, rose and juniper

color me monday: banana yellow, rose and juniper

Hey guys! Welcome back to the normal Monday grind. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling awfully grumpy about it. I’d gotten kind of used to sleeping in, living in my pjs, and only leaving the house when absolutely necessary over this past week. It was so nice to spend time with family and relax, but taking care of this pile work and emails just can’t wait any longer. How about you, how was your holiday break?

I thought this warm yellow color palette might help brighten my serious case of the Mondays. I don’t know if I’m cured just yet, but I definitely like the vibe. Have a nice week, guys!

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favorite posts of 2014


Whew! It’s been quite a year, you guys! I realize I sound like a total old lady when I say this, but it’s shocking how each year goes by faster than the last! A lot happened this year both personally and professionally. I’ll be delving into my goals for the coming year next week, but for right now I just want to relive some of my favorite posts from 2014. One of my favorite things about blogging is that it documents my life, and makes it so easy to look back with fondness. It really has been a good year, and I hope you’re feeling the same way thinking about yours. Have a nice weekend!

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$150 giveaway with 24 merry days!

$150 giveaway with 24 merry days!
It’s finally my day! I’m so excited, it feels like Christmas has come early! Today I am partnering with 24 merry days and to bring you a giveaway for a $150 gift card! If you don’t know about, they make great bags, headbands, jewelry, fashion and tech accessories, etc. Their products are always girly, colorful, fun and playful. With new years just around the corner, i feel like this company should really be on your radar. Tell me you don’t need that party time headband to kiss 2014 goodbye, and I just won’t believe you! You’ll find the giveaway widget and some of my favorites after the jump, good luck!

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