Halloween means porcelain skulls, of course


Happy Halloween! What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that phrase? Porcelain skulls, duh! I’ve been eyeing these creepy beauties on etsy for quite a while now, and decided that there’s no better day to share them than halloween! They’re made in Brooklyn by Christine Facella under the brand name Beetle and Flor. She worked previously at the Museum of Natural History, drawing turtle skulls and recreating prehistoric plants. Each skull consists of several molds, and can in total add up to 20+ mold pieces. Once cast and dry, the pieces get fired to over 2200 degrees before 14k gold luster is added on, and then fired once again. I love that the only added detail is a touch of gold. There’s something very cool to me about the combination of the matte white and shiny metallic gold. I think the crow is my fav.Have a nice weekend, I hope your teeth don’t turn to gold from excessive amounts of Halloween candy!

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ATMOSPHERE SERIES by MACARENA RUIZ-TAGLE from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

I’m not sure how these will go over. Maybe you guys will think they’re dumb, but I just find them to be so beautiful. I’m teaching Eva about how important the order of letters are as we write and spell words, and I think the same applies here. These acrylic beauties would spell out a totally different story if you switched them around. These simple color fields just make my eyeballs so happy! See them all after the jump…

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color me monday: lime, teal, navy and hunter

color me monday: lime, teal, navy and hunter from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

Hey buddies! Happy Monday one again, I hope your week is starting off nicely. I spent my weekend mostly on my own, and it was just plain lovely! Sean and Eva visited my parents in the country, and I decided to stay home for a bit of alone time (a rare occasion for the parent of a 4 year old). I went out with some mama friends on Friday night, had lunch at the hive on Saturday with my friend Melissa, as well as some shopping and cleaning. It felt so luxurious to have a whole weekend to myself, and then also to experience a feeling of love and gratitude when my people returned home! More about the hive: If you’re a female entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner in Philadelphia, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Melissa for a tour. Starting in November she’s opening a co-working space just for you in Old City. It’s a really nice space and spots are filling fast, so don’t miss out!

I think this week’s color palette is so cool and borderline masculine. It suits the season well, without taking the colors of autumn too literally. Hope you have another glorious week!

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fall fashion wish list 2014

fall fashion wish list 2014 from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

Hey guys, sorry for the late post and happy almost weekend! I just got the very exciting news that I’ll be attending the Martha Stewart American Made Summit in a few weeks, and of course my first thought was what the heck am I going to wear?! I really like the vibe of this outfit. The mix of soft fur and bold bling feels just right to me. If you caught Wednesday’s post, I am actually wearing that exact wool headband in the photos. I’m seeing a lot of vests this year, and I’m ready to jump on board with this trend. I haven’t purchased the one shown here, instead I am in the process of disassembling a very 80’s white rabbit fur jacket to create something similar to what’s pictured here (at least that’s how I hope it turns out).

So, will I be seeing any of your lovely faces at the American Made Summit, or the meet up the night before? Please let me know if you’ll be there, I’d love to say hello in person! Have a great weekend y’all!

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the 52 project: week 42/52 (apple picking!)

pennsylvania apple picking from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.comIt’s been so long since I’ve posted an Eva portrait, I even had to visit Jodi’s blog to see what week we’re on. The truth is, I haven’t been taking as many photos lately. It’s hard to find the time during the week, and sometimes I just don’t think the bring the camera when we’re out and about over the weekend. But, apple picking is different. It’s the one family tradition we’ve had since Eva’s first apple picking trip as a 4 month old babe. You’ll see a whole bunch of good old fashioned Pennsylvania apple picking after the jump, and if you’d like to see apple picking photos since the dawn of this tradition you can do so right here!

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color me Monday: mint, fuchsia, sable and orange

color me Monday: mint, fuchsia, sable and orange from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

Hi friends, happy Monday! I had a great weekend, and I hope you did too! Mine was spent with my two favorite people and no one else. Sean, Eva and I had a busy Saturday running (fun) errands in  nearly every corner of Philadelphia. We stopped by Rittenhouse farmers market and fabric row, had bahn mi for lunch, and then visited with my Bubbie in West Philly. Sunday we ventured about an hour outside of the city to partake in our annual apple picking trip. It’s fun to see Eva enjoy this event more and more each year. Her enthusiasm resulted in 40 lbs of apples, almost exclusively picked by her. I am not kidding, I think I picked 3 the entire time we were there.

After spending so much time in the crisp fall air over the weekend, I was feeling inspired to create a really bright palette, infused with a touch of elegance. I realized recently that I’ve done ALMOST A HUNDRED of these color me monday palettes. Can you even believe it?! Have  a nice week!

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desktop decor: foiled leaf rubbings!

fall desktop wallpaper free from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com
Hello Friday friends! My sincerest apologies for how long it’s been since I’ve done a desktop decor post. I hope this one makes up for lost time. I’ve been wanting to incorporate more hand-done techniques into my work, both on the blog and off. I think this desktop wallpaper fulfills that desire (at least for today). Yesterday, Eva and I went out on a “leaf walk.” We visited our neighborhood park, collected the loveliest shapes and colors, and then brought them home to make leaf rubbings. Do you remember doing that as a kid? After our craft project was done, I collected up the best ones to make you this wallpaper today (I may have added a little graphic design magic once I got them to the studio).  So, you can think of this desktop wallpaper as a mother/daughter project! Hope you like it! Download this one, of a teal and silver version after the jump…

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An at home manicure worth your time

at home manicure worth your time from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.com

Hey guys! If you know me well, then you will know that 90% of the time my nail polish looks pretty chipped, worn, and battered. Between gardening, playing with my kiddo and just living my life, regular nail polish only looks good for approximately 12 – 24 hours. I occasionally ( a few times a year) get a gel manicure which tends to hold up for about 10 days…never the 3 weeks they promise at the salon. With my less than stellar home manicure track record, I’m here today to tell you about a new products that I LOVE, Sally Hanson miracle gel! You can buy it at pretty much any pharmacy, and you will need both the top coat (black bottle) and the color coat. The price for each is very comparable to any decent nail polish at about $10 a pop. There’s no uv light required, and it lasts (EVEN ON ME) for at least a week, probably 2 if you’re more careful with your nails. So far I have purchased grey matters, winestock, and birthday suit. You can see all the available colors here.

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color me monday: steel, amber and emerald

color me monday: steel, amber and emerald from www.blog.cleanlinestudio.comHey there, happy Monday! I hope your weekend was lovely. Saturday was a super lazy one for me. I don’t think I even left the house, or changed out of my pajamas (which felt fantastic). Sunday was the much anticipated baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law. My mama and aunt really outdid themselves with mountains of food, games, and decor which featured baby toes and clothes that had belonged to my brother nearly 30 years ago! It was a co-ed style shower which I personally always prefer. But, I’m pretty unconventional when it comes to these things…our baby shower took place at a bowling alley!

This week’s color palette is legit autumn. I’m starting to pull my sweaters out of storage, and noticing that this color story is pretty common in my fall wardrobe (along with black and white). Have a nice week!

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best sandwich, cutest bakery


back in the day bakery
As you may know, a few weeks ago Sean and I took a lil’ road trip to Savannah, GA. It’s where we went to college together, where we fell in love, where we had our first home together, and where we shared our first jabon buerre sandwich. I am only a little bit kidding when I tell you that I would have made the 12 hour drive for that sandwich alone. It’s that good, truly. On our last day in Savannah, we drove to Back In The Day Bakery to relive the magic. Not only do they make delicious sandwiches, red velvet cupcakes, crusty bread and lavender shortbread cookie icing confections, the bakery itself is breathtakingly adorable. Have a look around, and if you’re ever in Savannah, GO THERE (you can thank me then)!

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