Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)!

Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)! from can’t believe the holidays are almost here. I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was writing a blog post about my goals for the year (as in the year 2014 that we’re getting ready to kiss goodbye)! I guess I’ll need to get over my shock quickly to prepare for the first round of Thanksgiving festivities in just a few days! Luckily, my friends at Martha Stewart sent me a package of goodies this week to get me in the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving with my family is a silly, collaborative, all day affair. Each member of the family contributes a dish or two, but most of the family members arrive with ingredients or prepped dishes that still need to be cooked. This practice results in a lot of elbowing, giggling, and wine drinking before we fiiiiinally have our one big meal in the evening. This year, I’m planning to show up with snacks to keep all the cooks in good spirits before dinner. I’ll be bringing along the limited edition Triscuit Cranberry & Sage crackers that Martha’s people sent me, topped with warm goat cheese, sour apples, and maple walnuts. To say this little appy is delicious is one of the biggest understatements I’ve made this year. I feel pretty confident that they’ll help keep the troops in line, and get dinner on the table before midnight.

Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)!Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)!

Of course, once we sit down to our big family meal, the talk may turn to the next (more gift focused) holiday we celebrate. To me, the best gifts are ones that a person would love but never think to buy for themselves or, a gift that teaches the receiver a new skill. Something like the Elizabeth Bradley cross-stitch kit covers both. Sean’s grandmother makes these incredible cross-stitched christmas stockings for her grandchildren, and now her great grandchildren too! We love pulling Eva’s stocking out each year and admiring all the skill, hours of work, and feats of eyesight her great grandmother put into making that gift for her. Gifting the ability to create  treasured keepsakes for years to come, now that’s a special present!

As with every gift, I think the presentation is almost as important as the gift itself. Whenever I’m in a store like Papersource or Kate’s paperie, I admire their gift paper selection and often take one home with me. I keep quite a collection, so I always have the right paper when I need to wrap a gift in a pinch. I like to use jute or bakers twine to give my gifts a distinctive rustic look.

Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)!Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)!Getting ready for the holidays (with Martha)!

I hope you all have a beautiful holiday week with those who matter most to you! This will be my last post for the week. I’m going to take a little time off to relax, recharge, and enjoy the long weekend with my family.

A special thanks to Inna of Peach Plum Pear for the photographs, and Ben of Farmhaus Modern for the incredibly beautiful cutting boards! This post was sponsored by Martha Stewart Omnimedia. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the projects that keep a fine line going.

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color me monday: mauve, gold, burgundy and sea glass

color me monday: mauve, gold, burgundy and sea glass from

Hey Guys, happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. I did very little over the past few days. I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now, and I really needed to take it easy. I drank tea, slept in, caught up on my favorite tv shows, and started my online christmas shopping. It was kind of awesome. Today I’m actually taking the day off to chaperone a field trip to the Museum of Natural History with Eva’s preschool class. I’m excited to spend the whole day with eva, her teachers and classmates, and all those dinosaurs!

I am seriously digging this week’s color palette. It’s loosely inspired by an outfit that I put together last week starring my new favorite pair of burgundy skinny jeans. I love how it’s a bit muted, but still dramatic. I hope you all have a lovely week, and PLEASE….don’t forget to enter all the fantastic giveaways from last week. They’ll be running through this holiday week, ending on 12/1 through 12/5. Time is on your side, but don’t forget!

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Friday custom camera strap giveaway with fotostrap!

TGIF, my people! We’re wrapping up a week of color with one last killer giveaway. Today’s contest comes to us from an awesome little company called fotostrap. They create absolutely beautiful camera straps from high quality materials, right here in the USA. They are available in a vast range of colors and you can even add a monogram, logo, or expression to the leather shoulder strap. One last thing worth mentioning about fotostrap is they give 10% of their proceeds to charity, specifically a charity called fotolanthropy. They are a non-profit that gives portrait sessions and short films to inspiring people who are overcoming adversity. Beautiful and charitable all rolled into one, that’s definitely my kind of company! I’m already jealous of whoever is lucky enough to win this one! You’ll find the giveaway widget after the jump, and have a nice weekend!

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Thursday $100 gift card giveaway with moo!

Visit and enter the $100 gift card giveaway with moo!

Happy Thursday, my dears! If you are a designer, blogger, photographer, entrepreneur, or business person of any kind, I’ve got the giveaway for you! Today our friends at moo are joining in a week of color by giving away $100 gift certificate to their store! I still remember when I first heard of moo. Around 2008, My musician roommate at the time used them to print some stickers and mini cards for her budding act. As a designer and small business owner, I see (and appreciate) kind of a lot of business cards, so it’s no small feat that they have stuck with me for nearly 8 years. Moo makes way more products today than they did back then. I’m especially into their luxe collection for business cards, available in several sizes. These are super sturdy and have a “fill color,” which gives the effect of edge painting without the big fat price tag.

So, for today’s giveaway, sky is the limit when it comes to color. Moo will print whatever colors you can dream up as stickers, flyers, postcards and so much more. With new years just around the corner, new business cards are near the top of my to-do list. I hope this giveaway gives you the motivation you might need if you;re in a similar boat! You’ll find the widget to enter this giveaway after the jump!

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Wednesday $100 gift card giveaway with Brika!

Win a $100 gift card giveaway to Brika at!
Hi! This hump day giveaway just plain rules! If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you may have seen some lovely products from Brika sneaking their way into my round-ups over the year. Let’s just say I’m a pretty big fan! They celebrate craft, creativity, and the stories behind their makers. Their product line is vast, but incredibly well curated. You can see a few of my favorite items above (with links at the end of the post), but really I just want it all! You’ll find the giveaway widget after the jump…

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Tuesday 7 bag giveaway with baggu!

Visit for a giveaway with baggu!Hey guys, welcome to day 2 of an exciting week of colorful giveaways! You know that moment when you’re waiting in line at whole foods or the farmers market when you approach the checkout and are asked if you brought your own bags, only to realize that you’ve forgotten them (AGAIN)? This is me…every, single, time. I never have a bag when I need one, it’s ridiculous really.

Well, today our friends at baggu are here to help. I’m sure many of you already know about baggu. They’re kind of a blogger staple….I’m sure you’ve see cool guys all over pinterest and the internet sporting them. Anyway, they’re simple, durable and come in a wide range of colors and very tasteful, chic patterns. The bags hold up to 50lbs and best of all, they fit into a small pouch so you can keep one in your purse and always have it with you.

Today’s giveaway is a little bit different than the rest in that we actually have not one but SEVEN of their products to give away, so your chances of winning are pretty swell. Use the widget after the jump to enter and good luck!

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Monday dream desk set giveaway with Poppin!

dream desk set giveaway with Poppin! at

Hey friends! I hope you had a nice weekend, and that this first week of color giveaway gets your Monday off to a bright start! I am very, very excited about this giveaway with my pals at poppin! If you aren’t familiar with poppin, prepare to seriously oooh and ahh. Their products are clean, modern and (most importantly for the theme of this week) colorful! Their goal is to make your workspace a happy place with beautiful design, and gorgeous color. I love their sets and the awesome variety of colors they come in. Click on through to enter the giveaway!

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color me monday: ONE HUNDRED TIMES!

100 color me monday posts from

One hundred color me monday posts! I can’t quite believe it! When I started this blog nearly 2.5 years ago, I didn’t have any clear expectations of what it would become. Color Me Monday was the first ongoing series I created. It’s the only one I’ve really stuck with, and it’s consistently one of my most popular posts.

Today I wanted to give myself a little pat on the back,  and give you guys a great big thank you (I’d hug you if you were here with me, so just imagine a big warm excited hug too)! Thank you for your likes, shares, and pins. Thank you for your gushing twitter comments, blog comments and ceaseless encouragement. It’s such a gift to share something that I LOVE doing week after week and be met with your great big colorful enthusiasm. Whether you’re new to this little blog or you’ve been around since the start, thank you so very much for your support. It personally means the world to me, and it also means great big things for the future of this blog.

In celebration of 100 weeks of color me monday, we’ll be mixing things up a bit next week. I have FIVE (yes you read that correctly, FIVE) incredible giveaways going on next week. I’ve partnered with some fantastic sponsors to help celebrate this 100 post-aversary with A WEEK OF COLOR! I’m going to keep the giveaway prizes secret until their individual launch day, but just know that I’ve hand selected companies and products that share my love of color. If you win, you’ll have a huuuuge range of color options to choose from. You’re welcome to sign up for one, some or all of the giveaways. There’s no limit on entries, but I do hope that you’ll help me by sharing with all of your color-loving friends. Have a great weekend, thank you again, and get prepared for an epic WEEK OF COLOR!

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inspired by super-textured knitwear

textured knitwear inspiration from

I really like the styles I’ve been seeing for fall. Jeans continue to trend awfully skinny and leggings are still a thing.  But knits (specifically sweaters and vests), seem to be massive and full of texture. I think the two compliment each other so beautifully. I also think a big textured knit is a nice replacement for fur, whether you’re opposed to it or it’s just not in the budget.  Check out a bunch of inspiration images after the jump!

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color me monday: aubergine and icy blue

color me monday: aubergine and icy blue from

Happy Monday! I have to admit, I’m really draggin’ today. As most of you know, I spent this past Friday and Saturday in  NYC for the Martha Stewart American Made Summit. It was awesome and inspiring, and pretty exhausting. I’m really glad I went, even though I was a bit intimidated to go it alone to in a city that I don’t know very well. I’m planning to write about my biggest take aways on Wednesday, so check in for more on that midweek. Sunday was pretty low key. I hung around the house with the man and the girl for much of the day. In the afternoon we ran a few errands and attended the Art Star Winter Craft Bazaar.

I’m pretty sure this week’s color palette was subconsciously inspired by the 20 minute conversation I had with Eva on the way to school about FROZEN! I really love how nicely those icy blues fit together with the deep and dramatic aubergine color. This one feels very appropriate for the chilly weather we’ve been having. Don’t forget, next Monday is the kick off for a very exciting WEEK OF COLOR! I hope you’ll join me for the celebration!

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